GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking System takes care of your GPS devices and management solution, getting your telematics business up and running in no time, and stands behind you every step of business growing.

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Fleet Management

All vehicles of the fleet managed by single screen and user can monitor vehicles using PC/laptop round the clock. It consists of positioning, remote monitoring, geo fencing etc.

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JV200 Mini

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Features of our GPS Tracking System

Real Time / Live Tracking

See current location of vehicles in real time on maps with our GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Stop your vehicle by SMS

You can stop your vehicle by just sending a SMS to our GPS Vehicle Tracking System. Safe and assured.

Mobile App for you

Track your vehicle location on the go. We have mobile application for your favorite Android Phone and iPhone.

SMS and Email Alerts

Get instant alerts in case of any abnormal activities like tempering or over-speeding and etc. from our GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

Speed Monitoring on Graph

You can keep check on your vehicle speed on graph. This is key factor for vehicle safety and maintenance.

Geofence and Landmarks

Create fences and whenever your vehicle enter or leave this fence, our Vehicle GPS Tracker system push you alert messages.


“I have found Earth Infotech fantastic value for money. They gave a really good deal and have customized our GPS tracking to do everything we wanted it to do. Recently I was approached by another GPS tracking company who tried to convince us they were better. But of course we said no, Earth Infotech provide everything we want with our tracking so why would we want to change!”
- Aricent | Global Design and Engineering Company
" Knowing where my vehicles are just by looking at my phone saves me time. I know where my vehicles are whether I am in the office or away visiting my suppliers. ”
- Quick Cabs Taxi Services Company
“When we got our GPS tracking installed I was surprised to see how many times a day our vehicles went over exactly the same routes. Now we plan their job schedules so this doesn’t happen. This improves our fuel expenditure and means our vehicles and staff have more time available to attend pending jobs which ultimately means more profit for our company. We are more than satisfied with our GPS Tracking system from Intelligent Tracking Solutions.”
- Jaipur Golden Transport Company Private Limited




Total peace of mind while parking vehicle, leaving unattended

No need of central locking

Immobilize your vehicle using mobile

Maintenance Free - Robust improved hardware


Instant Alert on door open, engine switch on

Monitor Over-speeding violations with timestamps

Get real time alerts in case your vehicle Over-speeds

Monitor all halts with exact time & duration and location of each halt



Real time tracking

View exact trace of route driven with time stamps

Visualize entire workforce of vehicle on easy-to-view street level maps employing multiple zoom levels

View detailed Trip History for each asset


Monitor direction and speed while relaxing

Stop your vehicle by sending an SMS from your Smartphone

Get Mileage report with exact log of kilometres driven

Savings of fuel, driver time and insurance costs